A Growing Ball Park

After the 2017 season, we were able to change the overall experience of the past few years. We introduced an entirely new board of directors, all of which have experienced baseball resumes - which you can read on the "Board" page. In addition to this we strengthened our coaching staffs and rapidly increased the number of sign-ups. With the edition of our new website, parents were be able to find any information they may have needed about board members, team coaches, players, and even register their kids to play online without having to leave their house. The easy-to-use online registration system was an important part of our parks success.

With the help of our beloved parents and coaches, Northside Youth league was able to take on an entirely new shape for the 2017 baseball season. We hope to continue on this path in the 2018 season. Thank you for your support and we cannot wait to see you next year.

Northside Board of Directors

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