The first year of Little League in Kokomo, Indiana began in the Spring of 1951. When founded, it was named Kokomo Little League and was hosted at the Northside Baseball Park. It is easy to picture the ballgames being played on the diamonds we know today, but at that time, Northside actually consisted of one diamond which was located on North Market Street just accross the street from Star Supply Company. You can still see where the backstop was to this day. We can thank Bob Reel and his family for the movement of the park to where it is now.

The development of a city-wide baseball community came some years later. Southside Youth League started as Southside Little League and played their games at what is now Future Park. Later, Southside Youth League was relocated to Highland Park. For many years after the move, Future Park was used as a practice spot for many local teams. Eastside Youth League first started in the parking lot of Cuneo Press, a local business in Kokomo in the 40's and 50's. It was called the Optimist League. The league had two diamonds until they moved to Cutler Park in 1968 and was renamed Eastside Youth League. The editions of several Youth League Charters around Howard County eventually lead to our City Tournament, an end of season competitive tradition that has now been running for more than 40 years.

We want to say a special thanks to Jamies Soda Fountain and the Whited Family for providing us with our historical information regarding our local ball parks.

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